Datura first teasers

Heh, we made some little noise with our new baby. We would like to show you first teasers of “Datura”. It’s the new big thing we are making with Sony Santa Monica Studio. It started almost two and a half year ago and silently we were working untill today. As people from various sites have discovered, the project is called “Datura”. We were working hard to bring you a much more immerive experience by using Playstation Move controller as well as 3D stereography. This is as much as we can say for today. We will keep you updated! Meanwhile try to find remaining teasers!

15 October 2011

Interactive “Move Your Imagination” Campaign

We took a part in a very complex project “Move Your Imagination” responsible for promoting polish tourism at a Berlin tourism EXPO. Our task was to program an interactive part, where big audience was controlling the motion of a space creature over an imaginary planet. Everyone got a white reflective stone cube, and by waiving left and right they were able to control where the creature goes. The output was a cinematic stereoscopic 2K projector, so it looked quite impressive.

The credits are:

misz, uho, bonzaj - programming
Platige Image - graphics, idea

11 March 2011

Interactive Coin Portrait

Ok, so here is our latest interactive installation. It’s the realtime coin portrait made exclusively for polish mint. The picture on the left shows bonzaj in Hernán Cortés style portrait. The installment used PS3Eye camera and fast PC to show a massive amount of displacement mapped coins based on very detailed reliefs. The funny part of the installation was the photo quality printer which could print photos directly from our output.

The credits are:

bonzaj - concept, design
mare - programming
misz - additional programming

1 March 2011

“The Dragon”

We made an interactive installation for World Expo 2010 in Shanghai China! The dragon is projected on a non planar polygonal surface. It’s controlled by a Chineese actors, so he talks and interacts with the audience. Except that the dragon shows parts of Poland to the visitors. The installation is part of the Polish Pavillion and it will be there from May 1 to October 31, 2010. It’s expected that the pavillion will be visited by over 3 million people.

The credits are:

bonzaj, kinga, misz, uho - programming
tajgon - concept art
mime - additional graphics
pionier - modelling

1 May 2010


We made some small coded visual effects for “Ibidem”. It’s over 40 minutes long visualization prepared for 70th anniversary spectacle of Katyn. Commisioned by polish National Cultural Center, it had to be screened on 2 large screens between which orchestra would play. Finally the show was revoked due to the national mourning.

You can see the whole credits here:

Michal Dziekan - art director’s blog

The credits from plastic:

misz, bonzaj - code

24 April 2010