Datura Soundtrack available for download

Traditionally we would like to share with you the soundtrack of our production Datura. It is available to download from here.

If you click on the attached image, you will get the wallpaper as well.

The last Datura news is for those who seek the real interpretation of our “game”. It seems that there was actually one person who discovered the actual meaning of it. You can find the details in this article.

4 June 2012

Plastic page on facebook

Just So You know, we have started the facebook page today.


21 May 2012

Datura has arrived


Thanks for supporting us! Datura is now in productions tab. I’m taking this opportunity to present you a movie that we did in collaboration with Platige Image. The movie shows the Virtual Reality features of Datura.

Also that’s a good moment to announce that we plan to release the complete soundtrack for Datura traditionally for free. Hopefully this will be done in two weeks since I’m writing this.

Take care and enjoy the experience that we have prepared for you in Datura! If you want then you can leave your note about our newest baby in the productions section.

19 May 2012

“Datura” at GDC 2012

Hello, If you want to see it for your very own eyes please be invited to GDC 2012. We will be showcasing “Datura” at Sony’s booth. Everything is packed and prepared so see you there! More info and a complete webpage for this project will be announced after GDC. Please also check Playstation blog, since there will be official statement of Sony coming real soon.

5 March 2012

Project “Solaris”

The small group of polish astronomers are searching for extraterrestrial planets around binary star systems. We were again asked to work closely with Platige Image studio on interactive presenatation. Our task was to implement a presentation system that could be controlled by body gestures. We used Kinect for this task and it ran quite smoothly. We will post a movie from the presentation as soon as we will get it.

The credits are:

misz, uho, mare - code
bonzaj - scripting
Platige Image - graphics

22 February 2012