Bound - announced!

Finaally announced our latest and biggest project to date - Bound. A 3D platformer with a twist. Based on our experience and love to demoscene, we have put a vast number of procedural graphics into our upcoming title. Whether you are a gamer or a not gamer, you will be able to try it out soon.

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12 December 2015

5 Responses to “Bound - announced!”

  1. Cameron Ward Says:

    Is there a way to get in contact with you all for press purposes about Bound? Your contact button doesn’t work.

  2. Edea Says:

    I am dancer and a gamer… So this touches and moves my soul in a way that I can´t describe…. Greetings from México city!!!!

  3. Moe Chan Says:

    Hello, Plastic Devs!
    I saw your game (Bound) at E3!
    And it looks amazing.
    So I go home and do some searching, and it turns out it will only be digital?
    Why is this?
    Can’t you make it physical with the CD and beautiful art casing? I would want nothing in the world more than this.
    Well, I would actually LOVE IT if you made a Collector’s Edition too with the main character girl as a figurine would be the best thing ever.

    I hope you may consider it. I wouldn’t mind waiting a few more months for such an object to behold.

  4. Peter Tulipan Says:

    Saw Bound at E3 last week. Absolutely stunning and beautiful.Really looking forward to playing.

  5. Chainsaw Says:

    I already loved Datura, also your demos for the demoscene, and now I’m playing Bound on the PS4. What a great and amazing game. THANK YOU! Greetings from Switzerland, Chainsaw :-)

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