Datura Soundtrack available for download

Traditionally we would like to share with you the soundtrack of our production Datura. It is available to download from here.

If you click on the attached image, you will get the wallpaper as well.

The last Datura news is for those who seek the real interpretation of our “game”. It seems that there was actually one person who discovered the actual meaning of it. You can find the details in this article.

4 June 2012

10 Responses to “Datura Soundtrack available for download”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wait, Blz didn’t compose these right? I found out that Chaser from Elude had some similar tracks up on Soundcloud.

    Anyway, awesome stuff! Plastic is still kicking even after the scene!!!!

  3. bonzaj Says:

    Ah, I should have posted that the guys behind the soundtrack are:

    Wojciech Golczewski - ‘blz’
    Patryk Gegniewicz - ‘revisq’
    Tomasz Gierygowski - ‘chaser’
    Henryk Iwan + Layla Iwan - ‘iwanatsu’

    And we are not “after the scene”. We are working on a come back right now :).

  4. Gra: Datura « Tomiga Blog Says:

    [...] Poza problematycznym sterowaniem, większość pozostałych, technicznych elementów jest dobrze zrealizowane. Klimat produkcja zawdzięcza głównie wspaniałemu lasowi oraz świetnemu melancholijnemu soundtrackowi (który, swoją drogą został za darmo udostępniony przez twórców i można go pobrać w tym miejscu). [...]

  5. Nick Jansen Says:

    Guys, I really love your work.

    Datura was awesome and I can’t get the soundtrack out of my head.
    Have you ever thought about making a full game in this style? If so, I definitely want to help with that. :)

    But I’m still a game designer in training, so, still got a lot to learn. Mabye sometime… ;)
    Keep up the amazing work fella’s! :D


  6. admin Says:

    Thanks for that! :)

  7. suknie slubne Says:

    I was waiting for Datura Soundtrack

  8. Henry Says:

    Thank you for creating such a uniquely beautiful game, love your teams work and cannot wait for what is next.

  9. Liam Wells Says:

    A real life interpretation you say? hmm….interesting… ;)

  10. datura.alien Says:

    Thank’s a lot for amazing game and spellbinding music!

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