Datura is our most ambitious production to date. Like the flower itself, the game is unpleasant to most of the people. Dark and secret meaning is scattered throughout the experiences you encounter. Remember that whatever your decision is you will always go back to the forest.

Datura shows our unique tech which we called the “virtual hand”. You can navigate the hand with Playstation Move controller. We wanted it to by fully 1 to 1 physical hand, that’s why some of the users may have problems with right calibration. The best tech that was implemented in Datura is the head tracking with second move controller. It’s unconstrained 360 degrees head tracking that really influences immersion. We NEED that in the future in headphones and headsets.

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8 May 2012

3 Responses to “Datura”

  1. Ghost81 Says:

    I really liked Datura, I hope you’ll make more games like it in the future

  2. Troy Says:

    I have only just finished Datura now and really enjoyed it. Will your team be developing for the PS4?

  3. leylakey Says:

    This game is unique, i really like it! the music is wonderful, and the whole experience is unforgettable. Thank you guys for this great game! please do come back with the new stuff!

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