We made some small coded visual effects for “Ibidem”. It’s over 40 minutes long visualization prepared for 70th anniversary spectacle of Katyn. Commisioned by polish National Cultural Center, it had to be screened on 2 large screens between which orchestra would play. Finally the show was revoked due to the national mourning.

You can see the whole credits here:

Michal Dziekan - art director’s blog

The credits from plastic:

misz, bonzaj - code

24 April 2010

5 Responses to “Ibidem”

  1. Biter Says:

    Perfect, great work!

  2. sf Says:

    Awesome. Like all the Plastic stuff.
    Is this fully realtime?

  3. ydk2 Says:


  4. Kołacz Says:

    Po prostu wgniata w fotel i chce się więcej ! Świetny klimat - tak powinno się teraz w szkole zaczynać lekcje historii !

  5. Pandafox Says:

    awesome work ! congratulation !!!

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