Linger In Shadows

Here it is. After two years since we started. Our office is still bloody cold during winter nights but we are still here and we will be rolling again. Thank you for the huge amount of good feedback. Our story about evil has been watched nearly 1 million times during the past 6 months. And here it is. The download links will lead you only to a non realtime versions of “Linger In Shadows”. If you want to see the realtime Playstation 3 version, then you’ll need to search for it on PSN.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of requests about the music. So we added a download link for the soundtrack and a little bonus.
You can also try to visit blz’s page to check out his other tracks.

9 October 2008

67 Responses to “Linger In Shadows”

  1. Kspraydad Says:

    I bought LiS for the PS3. Great work.

  2. gladior Says:

    nice work guys!
    downloaded the first day and it s amazing

  3. fiziks Says:

    bravo, good work. I like the track in the secret section, it reminds me of my amiga days

  4. LukeinDeidre Says:

    I absolutely loved LiS. Please keep up the great work, I will buy every single scene you release. Forever.

  5. Hugo Says:

    Awesome demoscene, looking forward for a new one!

  6. Joe Says:

    Great tunes, great demoscene. Hopefully we’ll see “Into the Pink” also make it on to PSN soon!

  7. Josh Says:

    Grabbed LIS on the PS3. Very cool. Would love to see more like this in the PS Store.

  8. Aysir Says:

    Great demo. I loved the soundtrack to this and i’m certainly grateful you’ve put it up here for download. Thanks! :)

  9. patatdrolleke83 Says:

    I don’t fully understand the story yet (if there is)

    But it was great to watch and experience it :-D
    Totally different ;-) and cool to look at it :-)

    Hope we can expect more from you!

  10. Kluv Says:

    Do you think it’s possible to release the song onto the PS store, cause my computer really sucks at downloading things. I really love the song and would love to have it in my collection of music.

  11. bonzaj Says:

    Kluv: we are working on releasing the soundtrack in 5.1 surround on PSN.

  12. Zta Says:

    And the PS3 Demo Scene is alive. Very nice indeed. I’d still love to hear an analysis of the story in Linger in Shadow.

  13. CALIX Says:

    Thanks for a great experience, I’m still amazed that i played a 15 minute video for 3 hours.
    Really enjoyed the eye candy.

    Thanks again,

    Chris Alix

  14. CALIX Says:

    WOW!! correction it’s only 7 minutes…

  15. David Says:

    Linger In Shadows is beautiful i have it on PS3 and i just keep watching it, the music is amazing to. I cant get the soundtrack link on this site to work which is disappointing.

  16. BigD Says:

    Great Work. Downloaded LiS on the PS3 and love it. Too bad the soundtrack link is not working. Would love to download it.

  17. admin Says:

    We’re working on it.

  18. Daxx Riggs Says:

    Gents, nice work - takes me back to Amiga/ST days and thanks for the trophies. Cheers Daxx

  19. Ajora Says:

    Great work guys! Experiencing LiS was something else it was wierd and cool at the same time. But defetly worth it!
    Thanks for bringing us something dfferent and original!

  20. bonzaj Says:

    Hello everybody!
    Thanks for the great feedback. The soundtrack is now online but the real good news are, that
    the 5.1 surround version of it will be available for free download from PSN hopefully this Thursday!

  21. LSDariuss Says:

    One of the best visual experience ever, creepy & beautiful in every way keep it up!!!!

  22. Evangelion Says:

    Would you guys ever consider working on full big budget game in this universe? It looks so amazing and interesting, atmosphere is great, collor and everything just makes we wanna see more.

  23. Mr. Joe Says:

    thanks for this great experience. it really opened my eyes to a different realm that should be tapped into by more ps3 devs. keep up the hard work!

  24. Manuel (Italy) Says:

    Hi guys, and COMPLIMENTS to ALL for the Demoscene. I bought LIS last thuesday and get me IMPRESSIVE.
    Thanks for share the soundtrack, and hope that we can play your next work very soon.

  25. Ole Says:

    I, too, thank you for the great experience this demo has given me and hope for more from you in the future. Also, thanks sharing the superb soundtrack and for the fantastic news about the 5.1 surround version coming for FREE!

  26. David Says:

    Will your next demo be available on PS3 also? I really hope so, i would love to see more stuff like this on PSN.

  27. Luillo Says:

    OMG!!!! I love you!!! I buy the demoscene and music was 1st class!!!!!!

  28. Ole Says:

    I have uploaded a mirrored file here, just in case it is needed.

    Again, many thanks for posting this.

  29. Kouzmich Says:

    Big thx and keep up the good work. This is one of the awesomest things I have seen.

  30. Marcelo Alves Says:

    I loved the impressive demo and the awesome soundtrack. We need more demos on PS3!

  31. Seventh Blood Says:

    Thanks for this experience, really a great work! I agree with all who wants more of this on Playstation Network. I need it, every curious person needs something like this.

  32. proxemics Says:

    first day buyer! game is awesome…more people need to be doing this

  33. solberg Says:

    Cant i simply download this to my hdd while using the ps3 web browser?

  34. tracy Says:

    lis is fing amazing,it was like AVANT GARDE!! vey original & fierce!!! 10s across the board!!

  35. Mr. Joe Says:

    hey guys, someone on the ps3fanboy site asked about the hidden section’s song. it wasn’t in the bundle. i’m not being picky, but it was an awesomely fun track. is it posted somewhere as well?

  36. Lofi Says:

    I bought the game, and i must say, i did not have the intention of buying anything on the psn before. I read a news about your game, that made me curious, and then, i just bought it. The portraits are beautiful, and the interactions are crazy.
    It’s too bad this is so short, but i hope y’all will have opportunies from now on, to make long length products. Anyways, keep it going, and be sure than I will buy your next game, for sure !

  37. squarepi Says:

    great work, really appreciated the fact that it was not a game, but a piece of interactive art, i personally loved it and hope that maybe we will see another title down the line sometime?

  38. nick Says:

    here there lis was a graet peice of work the music the and imagery were a perfect touch i loved the gream like qaulity of the whole projected, iam also glad that it came out for the ps3 i am a gamer but its great to see other media being realsed and working so well on the plat form hope to see more of your work on the psn soon i will deffinatly being purchesing future demos

  39. PS3-User Says:

    very nice work !!!!!! Give me more of that stuff … P L E A S E !!!!

  40. Shark Trager Says:

    Stunning piece of work, possibly the most refreshing thing that I have downloaded from PSN - I hope Sony support your future projects because I will be there downloading them :)

  41. Alessar Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the demo, I haven’t quite finished it yet. Thank you for the generous gift of the music as well.

  42. Darkian Says:

    I had never interacted with a work of art sitting on my couch before Linger in the Shadow. You created a door to another dimension, you can always find me there.

  43. Rix Says:

    verry good work,sorry but I express myself in french:là je voyage,le graphisme est magique et la musique qui l’accompagne est superbe,les violons se mélangeants au sons électro et autres percus,c’est vraiment du très bon travail et j’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir.thanks again and do it again as you want.

  44. richard Says:

    great job,I love it,but I want the hidden song,aaaaah oldschool.

  45. Daniel Says:

    Bought LiS on psn and loved it. Keep up the good work and hope to see more stuff from you guys in the future.

  46. AlfaVita Says:

    Great game. It is a real masterpece(literally). With a lot of games that are just a cash in cows. This game is really something I would spend my money to buy.

    Great graphic design, and there is real music too!!!

  47. Zolamee Says:

    LIS is pretty cool and getting all the trophies was pretty darn easy too,it took me like 10 mins ;)

  48. Pietro (Pittanza on PSN) Says:

    I’ve downloaded LIS this week and enjoyed it at the fullest.
    The music makes great part taking you inside this dark and cold world, but I’d not be fair if I don’t say that you’ve have a AWESOME job in giving weight and concreteness (or solidness, I don’t know which ter is more appropriate), transcending the limits of a virtual world.

    The dog is great, the octopus (inspired from Matrix? even the music in that part seems to say that =D ) climb to the column like it’s really falling down due to gravity and at the same time seems so human as it fears the dark entity… the eys are “mechanical” but canot lie.

    Sorry for the copious text, but I wanted to say to you all that your work feels great… especially is evident the huge amount of work and care for detail (i’m not speaking about polygon or texture, but the way everything flows without flaws).

    See you soon with other works I hope!

    Greetings from Italy!

  49. Paul Psomiadis Says:

    D@MN! Awesome shiznit guys!

    More demoscene releases from plastic (and others) on PSN in the future please…


  50. RydeenYMO Says:

    Good to see Sony supporting demo scene. Pleasantly filled a rainy afternoon. Keep up the good work.

  51. Robert Says:

    I have been away from the demo scene since I let the days of the Commodore 64 pass. It’s been a long time since I laid my eyes on this art. When I saw this on the Playstation store I couldn’t resist. What a quality effort.

    I must say. I have in my attic my old C=64 setup I modded with dual SIDs for stereo output and a whole bunch of 800k floppies full of demos that I suddenly have the urge to bring down again.

    I hope to see more of this type of stuff. This is a thousand times better than music videos!

  52. Robert Says:

    Plastic should be proud. The fate of the dog brought my 3 year old to hysterical tears.

  53. createmo Says:

    Thank you for your website ;-)
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace and youtube and ect..
    my backgrounds:
    Hope you had a good day and thank you again!

  54. BartoszG Says:

    Congratulation for You Bonzaj and for Kinga!!!:)You finally made it:)

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Very abstract, very surreal, and very strange.

  56. Z Says:

    Very abstract, very surreal, and very strange. It is pretty, but many pretty things in this life have little to no substance behind them.

  57. rankore Says:

    I just got LiS on the PS3, I had meant to grab it on day one but got tied up! Anyway I downloaded it tonight and its seriously awesome. I felt bad for the dog tho, would love to see a continuation of the story in LiS super awesome.

  58. Michax Says:

    Gratuluje świetnego projektu. Zakupiłem i z miłą chęcią obejrzałem. Życzę samych sukcesów !

  59. Pavel Says:

    More powerful than “Faust” of Goethe!
    Thanks for that!

    Is it possible to get soundtrack uncompressed or lossless? (and for “Into the pink” too).
    Still continue enjoing on stereo, but MP3-based cd is rather poor.

  60. Eric Strausser Says:

    Well done! Linger In Shadows made me feel like a child sneaking through my parents closet. I had finished the game inFAMOUS last night (very good game by the way) and still wanted to play. I found my way to the PS3 Store looking for demos when I discovered L.I.S in an episode of Qore. I immediately downloaded it and was sucked it. I was very confused at first but I played it until I had to close my eyes and sleep. I went back to it shortly after waking up. I did need a bit of time in the real world before going back in. Not quite sure how to describe the experience of spending time with L.I.S. Interactive Art is a pretty good description. I do believe it’s also a game or perhaps a glimpse into what a game could be. Perhaps a puzzle might be more like it. Anyway, I was kind of sad when I realized that I had completed it. I would love to see something like this grow to the level where it would take a few days to complete. I love my guns and explosions and all the games that offer the power to engage and destroy but I also love the games that let me explore and if L.I.S isn’t that kind of game then I have no idea what is. Again, well done to everyone involved. I look forward to your next creation.

    Thanks for the experience.

  61. George Takang Says:

    This demoscene took me into another world of art and imagination. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in this genre. i cannot wait for more, once again thank you!

  62. Igor Says:

    I love Linger in Shadows so much! Tell me you are going to do something else on PS3 soon, please!

  63. Kei Says:

    I loved this masterpiece. It was beautifully made, showing the talent of it’s creators. It was like stepping into another world, as some before me have said before. It was beautiful and I loved it. Keep up the hard work, guys.

  64. lita ford Says:

    Awesome website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Appreciate it! Also, please visit my website

  65. Dan Says:

    This demo is great but the demoscene isn’t about commercial products and money.

  66. Xepherys Says:

    It’s a great experience, thank you! To Dan, above me, I don’t think at $3 you could really say they are selling out. All art is about expression - but sometimes you also need to eat food (and drink beer).

  67. john Says:

    any chance of LIS getting a PC Port now that the PS3 version is kind of out of date? also any chance that LIS could be trimmed down to 8k?

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