Into The Pink

After 3 years of absence on PC demoscene we are back with “Into The Pink”. This demo might be special in some terms. It perfectly scales itself based on the computer you run it on. This means that you can use it as benchmark and whenever you’ll put new hardware then you’ll notice a performance boost. For benchamrking click the right checkbox in the configuration panel. “Into The Pink” was done in 8 weeks and was meant to be an experiment to test some of the new techniques and also to see if we are going in a right direction. While writing about this production we will use an opportunity to greet our new coder misz. Welcome aboard mate!

Creative Commons License
“Into The Pink” by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License

EDIT: The new 1.04 adds a functionality to submit performance results to our database. It can be accesed here.

EDIT: Warning - version 1.04 contains a bug! If you own a SLI config please turn option to use only one card for better performance. We are working on it.

14 October 2008

39 Responses to “Into The Pink”

  1. sphair Says:

    I tried running the final on Vista 64bit SP1 with an ATI hd4870 card, and the progress bar in the beginning stops at approximate 85%. Nothing happens even if I wait along time. In the task manager the executable uses full cpu, but memory is constant.

  2. minas Says:

    I observe the same crash, with an HD3870 on Vista 64bit without SP1. On the same machine under XP, it just crashes (standard dialog box inviting me to inform our friends at MS, or to Debug :-) ) at exactly the same point on the progress bar (i.e. somewhere around 85%). Latest DX runtimes and latest ATI drivers as usual.

  3. bonzaj Says:

    Thanks for the info! I’ll post the fix tomorrow. Hopefully it’s an ATI issue and not VISTA. Otherwise I’ll need another day for a VISTA fix :).

  4. reese015 Says:

    Same here, 4850 sorta hangs before the last 5% of loading, right before it hangs sometimes there’s a slight flash that seems indicate the demo starts to run or something (but no sound), my graphics card’s fan also spins up a bit from then on.

  5. reese015 Says:

    (oh and I’m also on Vista 64bit SP1 with a ati 4850)

  6. bonzaj Says:

    I think that I’ve managed to reproduce and fix the bug!

    if you’ll encounter any other bugs then just let me know.



  7. reese015 Says:

    Thx a lot, worked, fantastic demo, congrats!

  8. Psycho Says:

    1.01 Crashes (in atioglxx.dll) here around 5% into the loader bar. HD4850/Catalyst8.10/WinXP/E6750.

  9. bonzaj Says:

    Psycho: Hello :), thanks for the info - I’ve managed to reproduce the bug on 8.10 drivers. Fixing it now.

  10. admin Says:

    The new version has been uploaded. It should handle this 8.10 bug.

  11. Psycho Says:

    Yeah it’s working now :)
    However, it seems like a serious workaround or problem - i noticed it was alot slower than under vista64 with 8.9 drivers. Now it’s 6100 frames (default settings) in XP/cat8.10, while 8200 in vista64/cat8.10 - and still 10600 in Vista64/Cat8.9.

  12. bonzaj Says:

    Psycho: I’ve noticed the same :(. When I switch from 8.10 to 8.9 I got 20% performance boost. Ah why they’re always make things worse. I’ll try to figure out the cause.

  13. Psycho Says:

    Don’t worry about it - Performace will be back in 8.11 :D (devrel beta: xp: 7500, vista64: 10700 - impressive difference btw).

  14. bonzaj Says:

    Psycho: Ah I’m glad to hear that ;). I was quite pissed at ATI for that performance drop. Tomorrow we’ll start a result database so we’ll see how it looks in a bigger scale :).

  15. K3MiN Says:

    Best demo ever.
    This is real art.
    It almost made me cry…

  16. Daniel Nobre Says:

    I´m my computer ( HD 4870, Win XP 32 Bits Pro, C2Duo E8400, Rampage Formula, 2X2 Gb OCZ ) didn´t work….anyone have a software fix ????

  17. Shadowdane Says:

    Awesome demo!! I put up a 720p video of it on Youtube -

  18. bonzaj Says:

    Shadowdane: Thanks - we’ll link it after we finish with new page design (this one is temporary).

  19. Z Says:

    Once again very abstract, very surreal, and very strange. Coherence is a word you may find beneficial to learn.

  20. iLoki Says:

    Absolutely amazing, I love Linger in Shadows on the PS3 and as soon as I realized you guys developed both this was a must-download for me. I took first place on the benchmark at 720p with 16xMSAA ;D

  21. Magic Says:

    buzka ;-)

  22. helix303 Says:

    Awesome !

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Just a FYI — this has a ton of problems on Windows 7 RC1. The entire image flickers like crazy. I tried running in XP & Vista Compatibility modes. That didn’t fix it.

  24. Shadowdane Says:

    Just updated to Windows 7 RC1 and well your demo has some big issues with it. The entire image flickers like crazy.

  25. Panzer Says:

    I hope that soon you will create even more impressive demo

  26. diegorubeus Says:

    nice demo…i like it very much…i got a good 59 i think.
    very good graphics..i hope to see other demos.
    good job!!!

  27. piotrektt Says:

    świetnie, że jesteście :) super demko, gratz.

  28. RafCG Says:

    Rispect! ;] bardzo fajne ;]

  29. Jacksoft Says:

    Hi, I have a problem with my Ati HD6950 (BIOS Mod to HD6970), the screen remains black for the entire demo but the sound work (also the benchmark results). Catalyst 11.2.
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64, E8400 3.0GHz, Ati HD6950, Asus P5Q-E, 8GB Ram OCZ 1066MHz.

    Please fix it :(

  30. RAZ Says:

    really cool demo,real art

  31. Shadowdane Says:

    Any chance of an SLI update for this great demo? It sucks that it can’t use my 2nd GPU!

  32. stutheterrorist Says:

    Any chance of a working version for Crossfire HD5850, Vista x64.. Only getting black screen, can hear the music but nothing else.
    Used to work but 1.04 not working anymore !! Shame.. Such a cracking demo.

  33. admin Says:

    stutheterrorist: yeah that’s a shame, unfortunately I got the source code completely broken lying somewhere on dismounted drive. Right now we are trying to archive everything for such fixes.

  34. aero2zero Says:

    Black screen with HD 7770.

  35. Byja Says:

    Black screen with ATI 5850.

  36. aero2zero Says:

    New card, new problems… There’s no black screen this time, but visual C++ runtime error. Radeon HD 7850.

  37. sersoft Says:

    Last time I was able to run this was on my 8800GT in 2009.

    It didn’t wanna run on my HD4870 or HD6850 but it runs great on my new laptop! Core i7-720QM, Radeon HD5650/HD6500, Windows 7 64bit SP1.

  38. dzawor Says:

    this program crash my system… thanks a lot

  39. Connor Says:

    It’s almost 2017 and this is still one of my very favourite benchmarks. I just love how creative and epic it is. It’s a work of art first and a benchmark second. I love that.

    Excellent work chap.

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