Final Audition

Winner of nice and cozy demoscene party Evoke 2005 demo competition.
“Final Audition” is our another and hopefully last engine test and new effects showdown. Inspired by legendary demo “We Cell” by Kewlers we tried to bring you more advanced particle effects and unburden ourselves from “195/95″ - a demo which has surely changed us.
Even if we didn’t get too close to “We Cell”, “Final Audition” will bring you the new feeling of how future demos might look like.

Creative Commons License
Final Audition by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
28 August 2005

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  1. Seiven Says:

    WOW good job guys, I would love to see more stuff like this and Linger in the shadows, maybe the PSEye camera can be used as an input like with Mesmerize and the interaction can be more dynamic rather than just controller? I will be getting LiTS today when I get home from work.

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