195/95 final version

Winner of Breakpoint 2005 demo competition in its final version. This time everything is patched and working smoothly. We’ve also added couple of new features like UV mapping and wireframe/particle shader.
Notice that you need at least ATI Catalyst 5.6 or nVidia ForceWare 77.72 drivers to run this demo.

Creative Commons License
195/95 by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
18 July 2005

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  1. Cm Says:

    Listen to Schwarzblut “Heimfahrt” on Alfa Matrix Label doesn`t it sound very similar to your great sound of your production ???

  2. Computervideo am Dienstag: 195/95 von Plastic | Sightseeding Says:

    [...] Woche möchte ich euch an dieser Stelle einen weiteren Meilenstein der Demoscene vorstellen. 195/95 von Plastic. Erschienen 2005, belegte es auf der damaligen Breakpoint den ersten Platz der [...]

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