195/95 party version

Winner of Breakpoint 20005 demo competition. This demo brings you picoEngine2 - the technology that will change our entire production process. It is flexible, modular and extremely simple. Sadly we had to finish this one at the party place, so it is visible that the end is just unfinished.

Creative Commons License
195/95 by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
28 March 2005

Lady Of Dark Autumn

Winner of Abstract 2004 demoscene party in category “16 seconds demo”. This is our first approach to spherical harmonic lighting. We were using artificial lighting environment and spherical harmonic coefficients are calculated completely on GPU (ATI 95xx and nVidia 6).
Alternate download is for geForceFX5 card users (it includes already precalculated coefficients).
This demo also shows the new style of modelling that witja achieved and which was continued in “195/95″.

Creative Commons License
Lady Of Dark Autumn by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License
11 October 2004

Your Fingers So Gently On My Skin

Our biggest production. It took us 9 months to finish that beast. And finally we were awarded the best graphics in demo in 2004 by the demoscene for it.
This is also our last demo with commercial music. This time bonzaj chose Geinoh Yamashirogumi. The soundtrack from “Akira” fits the mood of “Your Fingers…”.
For this production we joined in our master 2d graphician xenusion, and we also got some pictures from Mime.
Thanks guys - this work wouldn’t be the same without your help. As for the code we were little disappointed that nobody has figured out that the fish waves are realtime boids designed especialy for our needs.

15 July 2004

Symphony 2004 Invitation

“Symphony 2004 Invitation” was our first production with commercial music. We took music composed by Kenji Kawai for “Ghost in the shell 2″.
This demo shows a nice compilation of AI effects (boids) coded by Balon together with physical effects that were made by Maq/Floppy.
Being the first really serious test of our picoEngine, it was received by demoscene with not much enthusiasm. The major disadvantages were: high requirements, no party information and insane amount of blur.

15 June 2004

Your Fingers So Gently On My Skin - Trailer

Released at NeHe’s webpage contest. This demo was created as a manifest of plastic, to show how the future productions of our group will look like. Ended as a public favourite but without any measurable place at this contest. It was rather poorly rated by the demoscene because of its high requirements and “eyecandy” style.
The trailer was just what we needed to realize that making of “Your Fingers So Gently On My Skin” is just a step ahead.
Because of couple of deleted scenes that didn’t make it to the final, it’s worth watching.

9 February 2004