Datura is our most ambitious production to date. Like the flower itself, the game is unpleasant to most of the people. Dark and secret meaning is scattered throughout the experiences you encounter. Remember that whatever your decision is you will always go back to the forest.

Datura shows our unique tech which we called the “virtual hand”. You can navigate the hand with Playstation Move controller. We wanted it to by fully 1 to 1 physical hand, that’s why some of the users may have problems with right calibration. The best tech that was implemented in Datura is the head tracking with second move controller. It’s unconstrained 360 degrees head tracking that really influences immersion. We NEED that in the future in headphones and headsets.

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8 May 2012

Into The Pink

After 3 years of absence on PC demoscene we are back with “Into The Pink”. This demo might be special in some terms. It perfectly scales itself based on the computer you run it on. This means that you can use it as benchmark and whenever you’ll put new hardware then you’ll notice a performance boost. For benchamrking click the right checkbox in the configuration panel. “Into The Pink” was done in 8 weeks and was meant to be an experiment to test some of the new techniques and also to see if we are going in a right direction. While writing about this production we will use an opportunity to greet our new coder misz. Welcome aboard mate!

Creative Commons License
“Into The Pink” by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License

EDIT: The new 1.04 adds a functionality to submit performance results to our database. It can be accesed here.

EDIT: Warning - version 1.04 contains a bug! If you own a SLI config please turn option to use only one card for better performance. We are working on it.

14 October 2008

Linger In Shadows

Here it is. After two years since we started. Our office is still bloody cold during winter nights but we are still here and we will be rolling again. Thank you for the huge amount of good feedback. Our story about evil has been watched nearly 1 million times during the past 6 months. And here it is. The download links will lead you only to a non realtime versions of “Linger In Shadows”. If you want to see the realtime Playstation 3 version, then you’ll need to search for it on PSN.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of requests about the music. So we added a download link for the soundtrack and a little bonus.
You can also try to visit blz’s page to check out his other tracks.

9 October 2008

Final Audition

Winner of nice and cozy demoscene party Evoke 2005 demo competition.
“Final Audition” is our another and hopefully last engine test and new effects showdown. Inspired by legendary demo “We Cell” by Kewlers we tried to bring you more advanced particle effects and unburden ourselves from “195/95″ - a demo which has surely changed us.
Even if we didn’t get too close to “We Cell”, “Final Audition” will bring you the new feeling of how future demos might look like.

Creative Commons License
Final Audition by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
28 August 2005

195/95 final version

Winner of Breakpoint 2005 demo competition in its final version. This time everything is patched and working smoothly. We’ve also added couple of new features like UV mapping and wireframe/particle shader.
Notice that you need at least ATI Catalyst 5.6 or nVidia ForceWare 77.72 drivers to run this demo.

Creative Commons License
195/95 by Plastic Demoscene Group is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
18 July 2005