Bound - announced!

Finaally announced our latest and biggest project to date - Bound. A 3D platformer with a twist. Based on our experience and love to demoscene, we have put a vast number of procedural graphics into our upcoming title. Whether you are a gamer or a not gamer, you will be able to try it out soon.

For more info visit:

12 December 2015

World Expo 2015 installation

This video shows our installation for World Expo 2015 in Milan. It was created for Polish Pavillion together with Platige Image studio. It’s a simple performer setup, where actor talks and interacts with the crowd. Interactive head is then projected on specially prepared wall. It’s purpose was to tell stories about our region.

1 May 2015

Cebit 2013 interactive performance

We had a chance to take care of technical side of an interactive event that was shown during opening ceremony of Cebit 2013. We would like to thank performers: L.U.C. and Nativizm who have perfectly driven our installation.

12 March 2013


Catzilla - a new PC benchmark is there. If you want to check your PC performance please visit for more info.

28 November 2012

Catzilla Teaser released


We have released a teaser for our latest production called “Catzilla”. It will be a PC benchmark showcasing our new tech.

12 October 2012